SNAP Program

Restrictions on food stamps in NC resume

By Karlton Tate Last year, the North Carolina General Assembly voted to end exemptions for eligibility  on federal government requirements for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, popularly known as food stamps, affecting over 100 thousand…

The Google Homes bottom half can be switched out for multiple different colors and the Amazon Echo comes in both black and white.

Amazon Echo versus Google Home

By Maggie Sperry With the success of the Amazon Echo, Google decided to enter the smart speaker market with their Google Home. With Google entering the competition, it’s time to compare the two smart speakers….

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Water crisis shocks residents

  On Friday, February 3, grocery stores in and around Chapel Hill were flooded with shoppers filling carts with bottled water of any shape or size in sight. This rush was triggered by two events…

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Crosswords answer key

Across: DEBBIEREYNOLDS (Debbie Reynolds) ARNOLDPALMER (Arnold Palmer) GENEWILDER (Gene Wilder) ALANRICKMAN (Alan Rickman) ANTONYELCHIN (Anton Yelchin) CARRIEFISHER (Carrie Fisher) Down: KENNYBAKER (Kenny Baker) GEORGEMICHAEL (George Michael) ANTONINSCALIA (Antonin Scalia) ELIEWIESEL (Elie Wiesel) FIDELCASTRO (Fidel Castro)…

Deshera Mack sadly passed away during her travels through Australia.

Deshera Mack: a pillar to the community

By Maggie Sperry On Jan. 5, Deshera Mack sadly passed away during her travels in Australia. Mack was a woman known to many through her teaching years, and her principalship at Seawell Elementary and later…

AAU basketball does more harm than good

By: Kayla Merriweather For many young athletes, the AAU, or the Amateur Athletic Union, provides the opportunity to play sports at a competitive level. The AAU has various advantages, as it gives kids the opportunity…