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Michelle Obama advocates #BringBackOurGirls

The importance of local activism in response to international crises

Kayla Miron

By Kayla Miron “Violence against women is the most pervasive human rights violation in the world,” -Former President Jimmy Carter ...

Lack of substance in 24-hour news


By Alec Nelson When Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, carrying 239 people, unexpectedly disappeared in early March, the initial flock of ...

Fear tactics used in education scare effectively but not constuctively

Emma Brodey

By Emma Brodey Imagine that a student watches a video about a teen who drinks alcohol and smokes marijuana. For ...

Is extra credit good or bad?

Amelia Verkerk

By Amelia Verkerk “Extra credit” is a two-word phrase that every student hears at the end of every quarter. It ...

Political parties hold the US back from legislative success

Maggie Hassel

By Maggie Hassel Political parties, despite the wishes of our founding fathers, permeate every aspect of American politics. Almost every ...

The Gold Standard: in search of… never mind

Ben Goldstein

This used to be a column about lessons I learned day-to-day that I thought other people might be interested in ...

Your host, Ben Goldstein

The End of a Standard: The Ben Goldstein Story: A Rope of Sand

Ben Goldstein

I don’t have anything left to say. If you’ve read the ECHO thoroughly enough over the course of this past ...

College admissions boards have the right to utilize face reading technology

Maggie Hassel

By Maggie Hassel Today’s high school students became teenagers right as social media became wildly popular, and thus, have been ...

Women’s sports deserve more recognition

Maggie Hassel

Maggie Hassel Many people can attest to the fact that men’s sports are heavily favored over women’s sports at almost ...

Are parents too involved?

Amelia Verkerk

By Amelia Verkerk There have been countless studies done on how parental involvement is overemphasized when it comes to their ...

SGA Campaign 2014: Candy levels up, legitimacy levels down

Sam Killenberg

Political patronage has a long history in the United States stretching back to the Gilded Age of the 1870s, when ...

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