Senior football player Fletcher O’Neil reflects

By Jake Weinshank

Fletcher O’Neil has been a part of East football since his freshman year. Now, he is a dominant force at offensive tackle and a senior captain.

ECHO: What is your role as a senior captain of the team?

FO: I think as a senior captain I need to lead the team in the right direction. It is important for me to be a role model because a lot of the players look up to me and follow the things I do on and off the field. I not only have to lead the team but I have to push the team to accomplish more than they think they are able to accomplish.

ECHO: Do you feel like East football has received more backing from the student body recently?

FO: Yes. Everyone has a lot of confidence in the new coach and the student body has a lot of confidence in the team now. Our first victory has pumped everyone up and given us a lot to look forward to in the future.

ECHO: Are there any of your teammates that you have been particularly impressed with this year?

FO: I think Andrew Moore is a player that should really be getting a lot of credit for the success of this team this year because he has really stepped it up and given it all of his effort. During one game he blocked multiple field goals, got an interception, and got a fumble recovery. He is a player that everyone should be looking out for and should be excited about.

ECHO: How has Coach Renner changed the program?

FO: Coach Renner has changed the program positively. I mean everyone loved Coach Harris, everyone thought he was doing the right things at East, but Coach Renner has come in with a completely different attitude and a completely different type of football. We are a passing offense this year, the five wide, and it’s a good change for team because we aren’t big on size. We can’t put a whole lot of effort into our run game because we don’t really have the size to back that up.

ECHO: What are your goals for the remainder of the season?

FO: Some of my goals for the season are to go to the State playoffs because East has never won awards in the past. You look at the trophies in the Wildcat and see trophies for field hockey, basketball, soccer and other sports, but we’re still missing that trophy for East Chapel Hill Football. State champs, that’s what I’m looking forward to.

ECHO: Do you plan to play football in college?

FO: Yeah, I’d like to play in college. A few schools have talked to me like Princeton and Penn, and a few other smaller schools.

ECHO: How will you look back at your time as an East football player?

FO: Even though the wins and losses might not have been positive, my teammates and I bonded and we learned a lot about football and also about life in general.

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