Global Trump Response

Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe

Historically, the election of a United States President has had worldwide implications. Leaders from all over the world voiced their opinions immediately following Trump’s victory.

The people of Mexico have had widespread feelings of fear and resentment towards the new president-elect. Immediately following the election, the Mexican Peso took a dive and citizens everywhere braced themselves for the turbulence they foresee ahead of them.  In one of Mexico’s most popular newspapers “El Universal” the election was referred to as “black Tuesday” by editor Hector Aguilar Camin. Donald Trump, who has made an array of statements against Mexicans has made plans to establish more protectionist trade policies and tighten immigration. The dependency that Mexico has on the U.S is evident we receive more than 80 percent of their exports these future policies can have detrimental effects to their economy.

Whether it is the Space Race, Cold War, or rivaling operations in Syria, the tie between the U.S. and Russia has always had a competitive nature. After the election however, Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly congratulated Trump and stated Russia’s willingness to restore their corroded relationship.

China and Korea shared a common response with much of the world. The leaders of the countries were reportedly “shocked” at Trump’s election. In fact, on the front cover of the main Chinese newspaper the Global Times, which is run by the ruling Communist party, the headline stated, “President Trump shocks America.” In addition, much like the U.S., the Asian stock market plunged after Trump’s election, an event that only increased the anxiety between the people of the East. China refused to congratulate Trump, and only issued a statement regarding U.S.-Chinese relations.

Japan, however, reacted differently to the election than its neighbours. Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe met with president-elect Trump in New York City at the Trump headquarter only days after the election.

“[We had a] very candid discussion. [I] want to build trust [with Trump],” said Abe. “The Japan-US alliance is the axis of Japan’s diplomacy and security. I would like to build such a trust with Mr. Trump.”

The Canadian reaction to the election of Donald Trump was quite similar to that of some of the U.S. Not only were many Canadians shocked by the results of the reaction, but they were also angered, taking to social media and other forms of communication to express their opinions. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau felt compelled enough by the election to issue a rather controversial statement to the media.

“Canada is a free country [that] supports all ethnic backgrounds, all cultures and religions,” said Trudeau. “Donald Trump’s speeches have demonstrated his hate towards Muslims and Mexicans. Donald Trump is hereby banned from entering Canada.”

Unlike much of the world, Colombia reacted in a more welcoming way to Donald Trump’s election.

In a tweet, president Juan Manuel Santos congratulated Trump, even saying, “We celebrate the democratic spirit of the US.”

This is quite intriguing because prior to the election, Santos publicly expressed his negative view of Trump. Evidently, his opinion has changed. This may be in part to the recent peace deal brought about in Colombia, something that has been highly anticipated by the people.

A major story underscoring the election was the rise and fall of the stock market, especially on election night. When it was announced that Trump had won the presidential election, S and P Dow Jones (DOW) fell four points. It continued to rise and fall throughout the night, before returning to its original state about 12 hours later. In addition, inflation decreased as the value of the U.S. dollar increased by 0.5%.

In general, the election of Donald Trump has come with a wide range of mixed reactions, which is to be expected. However, the president-elect will not take office until January 20, 2017, so until then the future of our country under Trump will be pure speculation.

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