What not to say to seniors

By Ceci Creissen

Everyone lied, senior year is more stressful than junior year. Senior year is junior year all over again with the added responsibility of selling yourself. The commodity is four years of courses, extracurriculars, a rancorous desire to learn, and the potential to become an intellectual superstar who will bring his or her prospective alma mater pride, and good publicity.

They key towards staying on a senior’s good side is to avoid asking questions they don’t know the answer to. Don’t give into the temptation of asking them “Where are you applying?” or “What do you want to study?” because chances are they’ve already been asked twice that day and they stuttered trying to come up with the answers. Instead, ask them a question they know how to answer, like, “Do you want a cookie?”

On the other hand, do not give them the hard truth because chances are they already know the acceptance rate to X University is low, that only three East students were accepted in 2014, that zero were accepted in 2015, and that a record fifteen students are applying this year.

No matter how stressed a senior looks, do not reassure them that everyone ends up where they are supposed to be, do not reassure them that their work will come to fruition, do not tell them everything will be okay because chances are they won’t believe you.

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